We are carefully doing our due diligence before we realise projects from our pipeline. So co-investors and financial institutions can both profit in principle not only from sustainability of renewable energy projects, but also from the long term expertise and successful experience of out dream team in this field.

Our plan is to enlarge our portfolio in the near future by much more than € 100m of renewable energy power plants.

If you want to be part of this success story, let us know and let's discuss your opportunities.



According to our strategy, the Information on this homepage currently addresses financial institutions, owners of appropriate land, roofs and projects, as well as project developers of Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden and the US. It also adresses Investors from all these countries except the US according to US American laws. As soon as we open an US American subsidiary, we will address this group of people separately then from this subsidiary.



Terms on any contracts will not be based on content of this website, but on individual written and signed agreements.


If you want to contact us fom any other country, you are also welcome to do this first step best by email.