Renewable Energy


is the only energy, that will be available at affordable prices in the long term future.

Mankind has been using renewable energy for thousands if years.

Fossil energy sources will hardly last forever and the efforts and expenses needed to be made to be able to exploit these resources have already risen dramatically during the last few decades.
Once invested in renewable energy the costs for the energy will go down long term, or - if for repowering – in very long term the costs also could rise moderately, the cost increase will still be only a small percentage of those in the field of fossil resources, because it will become easier to harvest renewable energy and it will become more difficult and expensive to exploit fossil energy sources.

And: If we manage to use renewable energy in harmony with the established energy industry, we are able to use cost reducing and resource saving synergy effects by keeping large parts of the infrastructure in operation together with the established energy industry.

This will lead to increasing profits in this business plus to affordable power prices for the customers, no matter whether energy intensive industries or the private family and home-owner.

Massive growth, also in terms of energy use will be no more problem for mankind at manageable at affordable prices.

So, let's speed up this process conjoint with the established energy industry and do more renewables together, now.

See also the “Story of Little One Square Meter…”

A glimpse of what is possible: 1 sqm covered with solar modules out of 100 sqm of solid surface or roof-tops would provide for a multiple of today’s worldwide primary energy consumption.