Solar Energy


and a few other technologies provide one of the most low cost, predictable and stable energy sources for mankind today. And the fuel, the sunlight and the wind, are free.

We have an existing portfolio of more than 40 PV power plants (roof-tops and ground mounted plants) in Germany with further projects in the EU to come. We are looking forward to investing in- and outside the EU to grow our power producing portfolio within the near future.

We expect to acquire over € 100m of assets also in this division to grow our business.

About 20 Years ago the price for one kilowatt hour (kWh) was ABOVE 2 German marks (today ~1 euro) and maybe roughly 1 dollar or pound (value then).


Today we install solar energy in a nearly “no-sun-country” like Germany (compared to the annual radiaton on the world’s solar belt) at prices of roughly 8 to 10 euro-cents per kWh.


This level still can go down and is already TODAY in regions of the solar belt, where we have more than twice the solar radiation of Gemany hardly beatable by any other energy source.

Studies of City Bank and the Fraunhofer Institute have shown, that the long term costs for nuclear power will not be below 2 to 5 euros per kWh (i. e. EUROS NOT euro-CENTS).

Despite it is not realistic and not sensible, not to say impossible to switch off all those nuclear power plants instantly, this shows, that renewable energy is on its way to also economically replace traditional fossil and nuclear energy sources of the last century.

But we believe and we are acting to manage this paradigm shift in a way where we try and want to align with the established, traditional energy industry, so that we can learn from each other, keep most of the infrastructure that was already invested in, in so keep a stable and reliable supply for the population long term upright.

We are prepared and working on not only investing in these new technologies ourselves but getting the traditional energy business on board with us to profit long term from this already started and we think unstoppable development in the energy landscape, even more, because we are still at the beginning of this evolution.

Let’s go for it: for the planet and for a better future of all market participants.