Wind Energy


Your partners at DELTA have carefully chosen reliable and stable technology, which provides sustainability.


We are currently expanding our wind energy activities from German projects to other countries with more wind and want to invest in this business.


One of the positive results is, that we will have higher power earnings there, and so we can operate at higher profitability, because we are able to manage reasonable projects already in low wind areas and so we will be much more successful in regions with more wind.


If you have one project or more we can buy, which has been built already, is ready-to-build or nearly ready-to-build, please let us know and let’s talk about that.


Especially in Scotland, where our Chairman is situated in Angus, Forfar, we are also prepared to enter projects even at earlier stage.


The first project sizes (with running turbines) should be at least around 5 to 10 million pounds, better above (and also of much larger size).


We have commenced due diligence on several wind projects in the EU and we are looking forward to investing in the EU to grow our power producing portfolio within the near future.


We expect to acquire over € 100m of assets to grow our business.