Renewable Energy

Our team has already successful long term experience in building, owning and operating renewable energy power plants.

This dates back roughly ten years and covers hundreds of years summed up over all roof-tops and power plants and continues to grow every day.

The efficiency of solar and wind power already today is so high, that a very small percentage of land used for these technologies would deliver all the energy the people on the planet need today and in the future, as long as the sun will shine and the wind will blow, and as science says today, this will be for billions of more years.

But there does not have to be a revolution to use this energy. We believe it can be an evolution coming out of the current energy industry, which will be enabled to use vast parts of the current infrastructure and so being able to provide the energy consumers long term at no lower profit than today, but at long term more stable prices and without worries about long term the supply with energy.

We guess that 1 to 5 percent of change of the energy industry towards renewables every year would currently be a perfect rate for this paradigm shift ? not in terms of a revolution, but to make it possible by evolution of the industry itself.

Maybe this percentage or even more is also the range of change of the classic energy industry today. So we really see a very good chance, that this can happen to the benefit of us all and as a healthy evolution.

So, we are seeking for partners out of the traditional energy industry, but in parallel we are doing our own projects not against the present energy industry but in harmony with them.

This trail really provides for a stable stream of income